Card Mat Measurements

Math Challenged?  Or just lazy like me?

Here is a quick guide for A2 Card Mat Measurements so you don’t have to keep recalculating.  Obviously you wouldn’t put all these mats on one card, but hopefully it can help when figuring out what you need.

Card Mat Measurements.JPG

For example you might make a card with the red and yellow mat sizes and the orange and back mat sizes, skipping the green and blue and the pink and top white.  Hope it helps.


February Project of the Month – More Mint Stamps and some Valentines

This month I tried a few more Silhouette Mint Stamps.  Both of these feature ClipArt imported directly to the Mint Software from my desktop.  With previous stamps I found it necessary to use Silhouette Studio to first design the stamps (fill text and shapes, size and position artwork, etc.), then save the designs to my desktop and finally import them to the Mint Software.  But here I simply save the pictures I wanted to use and just opened them in the Mint Software.  Easy Peasy.

Mint Stamps 2

I also made some Valentine’s Day Cards.  I used the Silhouette Cameo to cut out the window for the second card and the leaves for the third.   I used a heart border punch from Martha Stewart, some Love stamps from Stampin’ Up, Lovely As a Tree from Stampin’ Up, a Hearts Embossing Folder by Darice and a Polka Dot embossing folder from Lifestyle Crafts.