November Project of the Month – Another Cross Stitch Card

The other day I decided to try another cross stitch card. This one is a bit more complex than my first two. After punching the holes using Paper Smootches Cross Stitch die and 110 lb card stock, I drew guide lines on the back. Link to die:


I then followed those lines using Prism (5 strand non divisible) craft thread in a straight stitch.


After a few lines I realized I could have saved myself some time by just starting the first line in one corner, running diagonal straight stitches to the opposite side and then dropping down a hole and returning, repeating till all my white lines were done.


Once the white lines were in place I started cross stitching my turquoise stitches horizontally.  Again I found that it would have been easier to cross stitch my pink centers first and then do the turquoise later and that is how I did the second half.


This was a good learning experience but I realized half way through that I had printed down the free pattern template from Paper Smootches and drawing out my whole design on that first would have been the best way to go.  Free Template:


I used he template to draw out a zig zag pattern that I hope to try next.  That should be a much easier process.


UPDATE:  I actually decided to turn this into a Christmas card  the design was super easy to follow.

These are the first Cross Stitch cards I made:



Hopefully there will be more to come. I would like to try to recreate the plaid below at some point.



3 thoughts on “November Project of the Month – Another Cross Stitch Card

  1. Gorgeous cards! I have the paper smooches die as well but I always find it hard to punch out the holes on 110lb card stock (the holes never seem to go all the way through). Do you have any tips?!


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