October Project of the Month – Silhouette PixScan Revisited

I use my Silhouette Cameo a lot.  I love the print and cut feature and I use it to make tons of stickers.  Return address labels, envelope closure stickers, stickers for my Etsy envelopes (ByDeeZyne.etsy.com), and more.  I also use the print and cut feature to create die cuts for greeting cards (CardzByDeeZyne.etsy.com).

What I have not been doing is using the PixScan feature to stamp an image, then cut it out using my Silhouette Cameo.  I found the process tedious and time consuming.  I hate fussy cutting but it was a faster process.  I began searching the internet for the Brother Print and Scan machine and was vaguely considering the investment.  But I don’t have the space for more machines, nor do I want to learn new software or spend that kind of money.  Especially when I already have the Silhouette which is supposed to do this anyway.

Somewhere along the line I discovered the PixScan app for iPhone/iPad.  This app allows you to take a picture of your image using the PixScan app and wirelessly communicate with your Silhouette to print it out.  These are the results:



While the cut wasn’t absolutely perfect I found it satisfactory.  The app is quite limited and I found you must have a contiguous shape to get the outline correct (which meant hand drawing some lines here and there).  I used an offset on all these cuts.  I probably should have reduced the offset on the houses in the last picture but I was pleased at how easy the app was to use.

Still, I wanted to have more flexibility (like being able to edit data points, etc.) so I played with the PicScan feature in the Silhouette software again.  And I realized why I never use it.  It is just too much of a pain to get the image into the software on the PC.  Using the scanner takes two scans because the mat doesn’t fit in the scanner.  Using my camera or my phone requires calibrating the camera or phone first.  But even once it is calibrated I either have to get the image off my camera chip or off the phone.  I tried iCloud, email, phone cord to USB.  All of it was just too many steps compared to the one step photo and cut of the PixScan app.

So for now I will use the app and hope that Silhouette upgrades it.  And I do like the app even with its limitations.