Project of the Month: Altenew Academy One Layer Wonders Days 4-6

DAY FOUR:  of Altenew Academy One Layer Wonders with Kelly Latevola

A big lesson today with lots of new stuff to try. Loved the masking to combine the images (even though I need more practice placing my images). Loved using the gray Copic markers to shade the interior of the flowers. I think it would have been better if my images weren’t so heavily lined in black but that is what I had to work with. In hind sight I may have been happier using a gray ink to stamp. Loved playing with the exterior shadowing some more. Loved the masking along the outer edges and then blending my blue distress ink. In fact that is probably my favorite part.

What I wasn’t crazy about was my choice of markers. I’ve just started buying them but I think I will be happier with lighter choices in the future (<5). This felt heavy handed to me. But hey. It’s all a learning experience, right?  Overall I loved these techniques. I think with lighter colors this would be much better. Oh and I messed up by stamping on water color paper again. So lots of room for improvement on my part but a great lesson.



So glad to be doing more coloring.  I need the practice!!!  Masking the leaves wasn’t as tedious as I anticipated and it makes a big difference.  I admit that I “cheated” on the sentiment.  We were supposed to create a faux raised tag but I couldn’t bring myself to color a black rectangle in the center of all that coloring work (even though I think that is such a clever technique!).  I also left my background white although I loved the effect we got yesterday with the blending (as compared with day 3).  All in all it was a fun experience.  I can’t be-leaf we only have one more class left.  This is like summer camp for adults!



Last day of class and we are pulling it all together.  I decided to combine several of the techniques we learned this week.  First I made the faux banner that we learned on the first day.  I decided to heat emboss my background in white and then blend on a blue distress ink because I knew I didn’t want to do the water color this time.  Unfortunately I forgot to print and mask my flowers first so rather than start from scratch (which I should have done!) I tried to fake it by masking the flowers before heat embossing and then trying to stamp where the masks had been.  Unfortunately the stamp I was using was a rubber stamp and not clear so I wasn’t able to line it up correctly, but hey, that’s what the learning process is all about, right?

To color the flowers I wanted to continue experimenting with my Copic markers.  I only have a handful so I wanted to try the gray marker for shading the flower the way Kelly taught us.  This helped make up for the fact that I don’t own a mid town pink marker.  I used the gray marker for the drop shadows as well.

Finally I added my sentiment (which I adore) and then I added the heart (to cover up where I messed up the ink – shhh) and embellished the center of the flowers with matching dots.

This has been a fun class.  I’m so glad I participated.  There were so many new techniques and mediums that I would not have tried on my own.  I look forward to experimenting with them more.  Thanks Kelly.  For your time, your expertise, your encouragement.



June Project of the Month: Altenew Academy Days 1-3

Today I am starting Altenew Academy’s One Layer Wonders class. Our first assignment was to create a dimensional looking banner on the front of the card using masking. I chose to use a stamp set I already had to create my card.


This was a fun technique and a simple way to make a single layer card. Thank you Kelly Latevola! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s lesson!




This was decidedly more difficult than day one.  Partly because of my aversion to background stamps. (I just can’t get the coverage I would like) And partly because I chose a difficult shape to mask (flamingo) instead of a nice plump heart or square or circle. But I am still happy with my card and I loved the way Kelly taught us to do the faux white on black label (ARE FABULOUS).




Waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone today using distress inks and water coloring. So glad I gave it a try.  It is no where near the level of Kelly Latevola’s example but if you haven’t seen hers then mine is passable. I also decided to add to my limited distress ink stash and start a COPIC marker collection. I’m hoping the alcohol based markers are easier for me to use than my water based TOMBOWs.  I loved kindergarten. Why is coloring as an adult so hard?



May Project of the Month – Playing with Cross Stitch

I posted some cross stitched cards in November and I’m back at it.  I find it relaxing and I enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out new patterns.

First the easy stuff:  I did the cards below during my vacation last month but never got around to posting them.  The first two are influenced by the Caribbean.


The second two were a result of trying new dies:  a tag and a heart.


The remaining cross stitch is still waiting to be made into cards.  In each of these I was trying to recreate a different pattern.  The navy and white emulates an antique coverlet I once owned.

The red and black is the plaid pattern that I mentioned I wanted to try in my November post.

And the last sample was my attempt to emulate a plaid pattern again, but this time using three colors.

These last three use the square cross stitch die from Paper Smooches.


February Project of the Month – A New Etsy Shop!

This month I’m excited to share the opening of my new Etsy shop with my Handmade Greeting Cards:  CardsByDeeZyne

I already have an Etsy shop for my Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry: ByDeeZyne and I still get a kick out of getting orders from all over the country and the world but I have become obsessed with card making of late and thought I would open a second Etsy shop with my cards.

I am just starting out and even though I’ve been involved with Etsy for some time now, I am finding there are still some challenges with starting a new shop.  It will take some time to get it off the ground and perfect my “product” and find my niche.  I just hope that people are still sending snail mail.  I send out cards to friends and family all the time and I know I love receiving mail myself but I today it is all about email and social media.  I love tech but it isn’t the same as a had written note or letter.

I hope you will visit both my shops.  I welcome custom orders and would be happy to work with you to design cards or jewelry just for you.

I’m adding more cards all the time:


December Project of the Month – Last minute gift card holders

624BEFC9-E893-44F2-8FED-7700F8A1DE26So many people in my family have requested gift cards this year and I was running short of ways to gift wrap them so I created a few holders of my own.  It took some calculating but this is what I came up with:

Cut cardstock to 9 1/2 x 6 inches.

Score at 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” along both sides on the 9 1/2 inch long sides.

Score at 3 3/4” and 4 1/4” from the bottom.

Score at 1 1/4” and 1 1/2” from the top for the flap.


Trim off excess on the sides.

Cut a semicircle.  I used a 1 3/8” punch but any will do.

Round the corners on the flap if desired. I used a 1/2” corner punch.


To embellish is used DSP in the following dimensions:

3 3/4 x 1 1/8”,    3 3/4 x 3 1/2”,   3 3/4 x 2 1/2”

I added snowflakes and rhinestones but of course you could use flowers or birthday decorations or whatever you need.


To finish I attached the side flaps with double sided tape.  Finally I added a Velcro closure, a ribbon and a tag.


November Project of the Month – Another Cross Stitch Card

The other day I decided to try another cross stitch card. This one is a bit more complex than my first two. After punching the holes using Paper Smootches Cross Stitch die and 110 lb card stock, I drew guide lines on the back. Link to die: Continue reading

September Project of the Month – MacKenzie-Childs inspired pumpkin

This has been a crazy month with all the hurricane activity (Harvey, Irma, Maria).  Fortunately we were extremely lucky (with Hurricane Irma in eastern Florida) and only lost power for a couple of days.  And the only damage was to our fence.  My heart goes out to those in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean who continue to battle for the basic necessities.

So needless to say this has been a month of limited projects.  I did knit several hats during the storm and the ensuing power outage.  And I was able to keep up with Etsy jewelry orders – at least the filling of the orders – even though the mail was knocked out for over a week.

But now that things are returning to normal I am trying to get into the holiday spirit – at least a little.  I have always been a fan of MacKenzie-Childs so when I saw their pumpkins I knew I wanted to have one.  And by have one, I mean make one.  So I bought an antiqued white pumpkin at Michael’s, along with some black paint and some gold paint and gave it a try.


I am please with the results and look forward to enjoying my pumpkin during the Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons.  And NO MORE HURRICANES!!!!

UPDATE:  Encouraged by my first pumpkin success (and a sale at Michael’s) I decided to make a second pumpkin for my mother.  I hope she likes it.


August Project of the Month – Embroidery, Knitting, Cross Stitch

For some curious reason this month has rekindled my desire to revisit some old crafting methods. I guess it started with seeing all the cute embroidery hoop art on Instagram and wanting to give it a try.

I started by ordering a kit on Etsy from and making these cacti.  I highly recommend her kit. The instructions were just what I needed to refresh my memory and they were super easy to follow.


Then I tried a couple on my own.

My last attempt was a pumpkin for a Halloween card.


About that time I saw Jennifer McGuire’s video on cross stitch cards. I ordered the die from Paper Smooches and when it arrived I CASed her rainbow card and did another pumpkin card.

I will definitely try more of the cross stitch cards but with the random color blocking and no designs. I think they are so much more effective and easier to do.

Lastly I got on a knitting kick. My mother has been making hats and mittens for generations of our family. She also donates dozens to different agencies around the country. So I have joined in. I’m not happy with my mittens and will have to wait to get together with her one on one for some lessons. But the hats are off and running.

Here is my first set.

Obviously I am a novice at all of these crafts and probably will never do another embroidery project. But how do you know what you like and what you’re good at until you try?

July Project of the Month – Christmas cards

This month I have been using the hot, dog days of July (especially here in Florida) to work on some Christmas cards.  Here are some prototypes I have made for this season. I am planning to make several of each by time Christmas rolls around.

The first uses dies from Penny Black and an embossed brick background from Darice. This was super easy and I think it will be even easier if I use double sided tape for the dies before cutting.


The second is a string of lights by Lawn Fawn. These were very tricky to get on the string and the embossing folder I have is only 4 1/2 inches wide so I had to fudge the background. Added to that is the fact that the glitter paper I have is super hard to die cut. Still I love the effect.


My third card combined several different stamp and die sets. The Jar of Love is a great set from Stampin’Up. The tree inside is from a Papertrey Ink set called Joyful Christmas.  I added Wink of Stella to the tree but it doesn’t show in the photo.  The bow is from Penny Black and the embossed background is from Darice.  This background is bricks but I also made a card using a snowflake background


Next up is a card I made that was inspired by Tricia Barber for Reverse Confetti. They make two great dies that say hello and thanks. But since I wanted to do a Christmas card I used three separate dies (1×3, 3×3, and Joy from Stampin’Up).  I used the same technique as Tricia Barber in that I first glued 1/2″ strips of card stock to copy paper. I then cut the three dies out of the striped cardstock as well as out of white cardstock. I then “puzzled” the two die cut pieces together to form two cards. Lots of fun but labor intensive. I probably won’t be making many of these but I enjoyed trying the technique.

The next card uses an ornament die cut from Stampin’Up. I layered two pieces of cardstock with one layer of red foil.  I used double sided tape on the cardstock before die cutting which helped with the layering. I actually used some foil vent tape on card stock for the tops of the ornament because it cut LOTS easier than glitter paper or silver foil paper. I added some silver string and glued it to the embossed ornament background.


The next card was super easy. It is simply a piece of DSP cut in a 2×2″ square. Two pieces of 1/4 x 2″ red cardstock for the ribbon and the bow die by Penny Black. Easy Peasy.  And really just made with scraps.


Lastly (so far) is really Christmas in color only but I soooo wanted to try this new orchild set by Stampin’Up.  I heat embossed the different orchid layers with white heat embossing on red card stock then die cut.  I didn’t have a branch so I die cut that with my Silhouette Cameo. I then layered everything on an embossed brick background and added red sequins.


As you can probably tell I make most of these to either try out new stamp sets (and old favorites), to use dies I love or to try out new techniques. It is a fun way to try new things on cards that will actually be needed and it is a good project for hot Florida days.   Let me know if you have any favorites!