January Project of the Month – Craft Room Reorganization

I will be the first to admit that I have too many craft supplies (like that can actually happen!).  I like to make greeting cards (CardzByDeeZyne.etsy.com) and sea glass jewelry (ByDeeZyne.etsy.com).  And I seem to like buying and organizing my craft supplies.  But my work “room” is actually a closet.  closet

And I have been reluctant to expand beyond the closet and disturb the tranquility of my office sanctuary which I also use for meditating and such.  I enjoy being able to close the closet door mid project and instantly have a clean room to enjoy.office

This month however, I finally admitted that I needed more space.  My work desk was becoming more and more crowded and I was running out of room for more supplies (and we know that just can’t happen!).  So I found a shelf I thought would work at Wayfair.com and took the plunge.  It arrived very quickly, was a breeze to put together and fit my limited space quite nicely.  Best of all it gave me room for my Silhouette, my Big Shot and my card making supplies.new shelf

Now I can spread out more in my closet and I was able to add a few more plastic bins for more stamps and dies. Yay!  What shall I order next?







February Project of the Month – A New Etsy Shop!

This month I’m excited to share the opening of my new Etsy shop with my Handmade Greeting Cards:  CardzByDeeZyne.etsy.com  CardsByDeeZyne

I already have an Etsy shop for my Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry:  ByDeeZyne.etsy.com ByDeeZyne and I still get a kick out of getting orders from all over the country and the world but I have become obsessed with card making of late and thought I would open a second Etsy shop with my cards.

I am just starting out and even though I’ve been involved with Etsy for some time now, I am finding there are still some challenges with starting a new shop.  It will take some time to get it off the ground and perfect my “product” and find my niche.  I just hope that people are still sending snail mail.  I send out cards to friends and family all the time and I know I love receiving mail myself but I today it is all about email and social media.  I love tech but it isn’t the same as a had written note or letter.

I hope you will visit both my shops.  I welcome custom orders and would be happy to work with you to design cards or jewelry just for you.

I’m adding more cards all the time:


August POTM – Jewelry Reorganization

Now that our construction projects are finally completed I felt it was a good time to organize.  My first project was to reorganize my jewelry storage so that it wasn’t “junking up” the new bathroom counter tops.

I used a bulletin board from Michael’s covered with Stampin’Up decorative paper and TONS of Command hooks to organize my necklaces and bracelets.  I installed a HomeDepot shelf for my Lucite earring containers. And the leftover bangle bracelets went on an old belt hanger.  I also hung my hair bows on a ribbon.

Jewelry1 Jewelry2 Jewelry3 Jewelry4 Jewelry5

Now I can see everything and get at it easily but it isn’t “in your face” and my new bathrooms still look neat.

Seaglass Jewelry

My December Project of the Month was filling orders for my Etsy shop.   It is a small shop which I hope captures a vacation feeling with recycled beach glass earrings and necklaces and sea inspired pendants! Think turquoise water and sandy beaches.  It is small (just me and the shipping department (aka my husband)), unpretentious, laid back and accessible.  Just like the beach.

DSCN2324 DSCN3209 imageDSCN3213

Please feel free to visit my shop!  ByDeeZyne:   http://www.ByDeeZyne.etsy.com

I am always happy to customize your order or personalize it with an initial charm.  Design Your Life. Live Your Life.

And always FREE SHIPPING within the U.S.
Want to find out more? Click here: http://www.ByDeeZyne.etsy.com

Handmade Seaglass Jewelry at www.ByDeeZyne.etsy.com

Turquoise Bay Seaglass Earrings. Only $14 at www.ByDeeZyne.etsy.com

Turquoise Bay Seaglass Earrings. Only $14 at http://www.ByDeeZyne.etsy.com

Sky Blue Seaglass Earrings for $14 at www.ByDeeZyne.etsy.com

Sky Blue Seaglass Earrings for $14 at http://www.ByDeeZyne.etsy.com


Spring Green Seaglass Earrings for $14 at http://www.ByDeeZyne.etsy.com


Lime Green Seaglass Necklaces for $22 at http://www.ByDeeZyne.etsy.com


Turquoise Bay Seaglass Necklaces for only $22 at http://www.ByDeeZyne.etsy.com