September Project of the Month – Wellness

With all of the craziness going on in the world today it is important to step back and find some peace. We are lucky enough to live near a resort and spa. And the spa recently offered free use of their pools and facilities. My husband and I were fortunate to spend a few DayCations or at least a few hours here and there over the last few weeks. The craziness is still there but it was nice to find a little oasis of calm. Thank you PGA National Resort and Spa.


July Project of the Month – Christmas Cards!

It’s Christmas in July!  What better way to beat the Florida summer heat than by making some Christmas Cards.  So far this year most of my cards involve Copic coloring because I am trying to learn and I thought it was a good way to practice.  I really just did these in solid colors so there was no shading involved except for the shadows (N2 and N0). And in the case of the vases I only colored the flowers and the shelf and then did the shadows so it wasn’t particularly challenging but was fun and relaxing.

I stamped and colored these cards with stamps from Stampin’ Up (Sunny Seasons Greetings and Varied Vases):

These are a couple of easy cards without the Copic coloring that I did before my Copic obsession set in.

The first one (deck the halls) I did by using the pennants (upside down) and the presents from Concord & 9th Birthday Stacks. The set made it super easy to color the trees and the presents with the included solids.  I added the sentiment and the stars from other stamp sets and used a Copic marker for the trunks.  Easy and fun card.

Still more to come but I have a pretty good start so hopefully December won’t be too manic this year (who am I kidding, right?).

September Project of the Month – MacKenzie-Childs inspired pumpkin

This has been a crazy month with all the hurricane activity (Harvey, Irma, Maria).  Fortunately we were extremely lucky (with Hurricane Irma in eastern Florida) and only lost power for a couple of days.  And the only damage was to our fence.  My heart goes out to those in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean who continue to battle for the basic necessities.

So needless to say this has been a month of limited projects.  I did knit several hats during the storm and the ensuing power outage.  And I was able to keep up with Etsy jewelry orders – at least the filling of the orders – even though the mail was knocked out for over a week.

But now that things are returning to normal I am trying to get into the holiday spirit – at least a little.  I have always been a fan of MacKenzie-Childs so when I saw their pumpkins I knew I wanted to have one.  And by have one, I mean make one.  So I bought an antiqued white pumpkin at Michael’s, along with some black paint and some gold paint and gave it a try.


I am please with the results and look forward to enjoying my pumpkin during the Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons.  And NO MORE HURRICANES!!!!

UPDATE:  Encouraged by my first pumpkin success (and a sale at Michael’s) I decided to make a second pumpkin for my mother.  I hope she likes it.


March Project of the Month – Visit Lake Okeechobee

Okay, not technically a project but after over 28 years in Florida I felt like I should at least see Lake Okeechobee.  It is after all the largest lake in a single state in the US, the second largest lake bordered completely by the US (largest is Lake Michigan) and 7th largest lake in the US (thank you Wikipedia).

My husband and I had talked about taking the Okeechobee Waterway across the state in our boat years ago but never did.  The approximately 15 hour trip would have taken us from Florida’s east coast, through Lake Okeechobee (via several canals, locks and rivers on each end) and over to the Florida’s west coast.


So this month we took a picnic lunch to the lake by car (about a 45 minute drive to the Port Mayaca – the closest viewpoint from our home).  After looking at Google Earth I had very low expectations of what we would find but I at least wanted a look at the lake and the lock at Port Mayaca.  Both the Atlantic and the Gulf are lower than the lake so there are two locks on the east side and three on the west side to raise and then lower boats to and from the lake.


There is a dike around the lake (for a 100 mile circumference) and a trail around the top of the dike (LOST: Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail) so you can’t see the lake from the road.  You have to get to the top of the dike.  What I hadn’t expected was a nice slope from the top of the dike down to the bank of the lake with a couple of benches to sit and look out.  This is a picture from the bank of the lake looking back up at our car parked on the top of the dike.


I did expect the vastness of the lake, but being an ocean girl all my life I was surprised at how ocean-like it felt and how peaceful and relaxing it was.


The pictures below show: the view from the south side of the lock; the view from the north side of the lock; a tug boat moving through the lock; the view of the west side of the lock (the Lake Okeechobee side); a view looking back to the canal from the east coast of Florida.

And this is a view from the east looking west past the lock to Lake Okeechobee.


All in all it was a fun day and I’m glad we finally made it.  It was definitely worth the trip!